Siamese GCCF Registered Breeders Wood Burcote,  Northants
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All the Whalleybush kittens are reared indoors and are suitable for pets or show.They are born  in our bedrooms and are introduced into the living areas when they are 3 weeks old. They are played with handled,cuddled and stroked to socialise them and they get used to household noises like the TV, vacuum cleaner, dishwasher etc. and are housetrained at 4 weeks old.

All kittens are registered on the NON-ACTIVE with The Governing Council of the Cat Fancy and come with a 5 generation pedigree, please do not ask us for a kitten on the ACTIVE as our refusal may offend.  Our kittens are sold as Pet and Show quality to loving homes and we welcome constant information on their progress in their new homes. 

When they are ready to leave home they are wormed and vaccinated for 'flu and enteritis, FELV and litter trained. They are insured for the first 4 weeks in their new home and the owner has the option to continue with this.  We supply you with a goodie bag and mummies blanket.

Kittens can be provisionally booked  and may be visited at 9 weeks, after their first vaccination our kittens are priced at 550. 

If after viewing it is decided a specific kitten is suitable for your home a 75 non refundable deposit will be required.  Your kitten will be ready for you to collect after their final injection and vet check up which will be week 13-14.

All monies to be paid in cash only before the kitten can leave us, please remember to bring a cat basket for your kitten to go home with you.  We cannot allow our kittens to leave without them having a suitable basket to travel with you thank you.
Whalleybush Siamese
If you are thinking of purchasing one of our kittens please read all the details at the bottom of this page.  Thank you

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Grand Champion Whalleybush Daydream gave birth to 2 lovely kittens on the
6th September 2017 one boy and one girl. Daddy is Grand Champion Mafdet Mungo Gerry.
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GRAND CHAMPION Whalleybush Elixir had 6 babies on the16th September 2017 Daddy is Imperial Grand Champion Jakurzzi The Aprentice (Bailey).