Meet Our Girls
Siamese GCCF Registered Breeders Wood Burcote,  Northants

Copyright 2018 Whalleybush-Siamese Cats
Whalleybush Kali Chocolate point 1cc
Now Neutered and has put her Paws up.

Whalleybush Dopey Maia Caramel Tabby Point
Now Retired
Champion Whalleybush Relay Kischka
Blue Caramel Point. Neutered and now Retired.
Whalleybush Siamese
Whalleybush Cattleya (Leya)
Seal Point

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Sisar Willow Lilac Point
Now Retired

GRAND CHAMPION Whalleybush Elixir
Lilac Caramel Point

Grand Champion Whalleybush Daydream
Caramel Tabby Point
Sisar Campari
Seal Tabby Point

Whalleybush Work of Art
Seal Tortie Point
Whalleybush In Your Dreams
Lilac Point

Whalleybush Material Girl
Lilac Point