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Caramel Tabby Point Siamese

Bailey is a proven Stud boy and has sired many kittens some of which you can see on our kittens pages.  He has sired maiden and experienced Queens and is very patient and gentle with his girls.  His Stud house has classical radio and heated quarters for both Visiting Queens and Bailey, there is also a BT Smart Cam to keep an eye on them.  

We will do supervised matings and the Queens owner must provide the following before mating is agreed:

  • All visiting queens must be registered for breeding with a bona fide cat registry such as GCCF or TICA.
  • Up to date inoculation card.
  • Visiting girls must be blood tested within 24hrs of arrival for FeLV and FIV. I must have evidence of testing from your vet.
  • Please clip your girls front and back nails and your girl is free from parasites such as fleas, worms and ear-mites and also in good general health.

The Mating

  • Your Queen will live with our stud cat for 48hrs from the day of the first witnessed mating.
  • When you collect your girl we will provide you with a mating certificate and a copy of our stud cats pedigree.
  • If your Queen does not have any kittens then please contact us to arrange another mating.
  • When your girl has kittens we do restrict the registration of male kittens to the non-active (not for breeding) register. We place no such restriction on female kittens.

Send us a email if you require any further information.

We are fortunate to have our own stud cat, Grand Champion Jakurtzzi The Apprentice (Bailey) who has a temperament to die for which is very important to Whalleybush Siamese.   He is our gentle giant so affectionate.  If you think Bailey is the Stud you are looking for your Queen please read all the requirements at the bottom of the page.
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