Our boys are genetically tested negative for the following – Gangliosidosis GM1 – N/N, Mucopolysaccharidosis Type VI (MPS VI MPS6) – N/N, Primary Congenital Glaucoma (PCG) – N/N, rdAc-PRA (Progressive Retinal Atrophy ) – N/N

They are available for a limited time only to GCCF/TICA registered active girls only which require FelV/FIV snap test 24hr prior to visiting, queens must have their nails clipped and vaccinations up to date. A copy of the queens registration must be provided and must be in the owners name, and a copy of the pedigree will be required. Queens will live in with the stud boy in heated quarters and with a camera to monitor.

Grand Champion Shermese Tian, Red Point Siamese, SIA d

Tian has beautiful type and is a big soft gentle boy. He has sired beautiful type kittens. As Tian is a red point, all female kittens will be tortie, unless the queen is either a tortie or red series, then red females could be produced.

Katzwijm’s Lamborghini, Seal Tabby Pointed Bicolour, OSH n 03 21 33

His pet name is Gallardo and he lives with his best friend, Mori, our seal point boy. He has a beautiful head and is an imported boy from Holland, He carries cinnamon & dilute, so providing the queen carries cinnamon, then it is possible for fawn or cinnamon kittens.

Caransia’s Favorite Flavour, Seal Point Siamese, SIA n

His pet name is Mori, he is a huge boy but a gentle giant. He is an imported boy from Holland, He carries chocolate & dilute.