Available Kittens

We have a litter of kittens available ready to leave end of May 2024.

Choc tabby bicolour, seal tabby and caramel tabby.

About Whalleybush Kittens

The Whalleybush kittens are reared indoors and are suitable for pets or show. They are born in our bedrooms and are introduced into the living areas when they are 4/5 weeks old. They are played with handled, cuddled and stroked from birth to socialise them and they get used to household noises like the TV, vacuum cleaner, washing machine etc. and are litter trained from 4 weeks old. Our breeding is renowned for outstanding temperaments.

All kittens are registered on the NON-ACTIVE with The Governing Council of the Cat Fancy and come with a 4 generation pedigree, please do not ask us for a kitten on the ACTIVE as our refusal may offend. Our kittens are sold as Pet and Show quality to loving homes and we welcome constant information on their progress in their new homes.

Past Kittens